Our Ethics.

Our emphasis on the human-centric philosophy is founded on our strong ethical values. We apply it throughout our technology, design and innovation.

Nebuli's People First Commitment

Above all, we apply it to our employees, customers and business policies.

We Never Allow Unethical Data Practices.

Your data is your power, and your privacy is your human right. No ifs, no buts!

Ethical AI and data models are much more intelligent than conventional “smart” applications, which tend to indiscriminately scrape and mine people’s data relentlessly with minimal regard to privacy or encryption. We see this as Lazy AI, and we are firmly against it.

Our Pledge.

Our strong emphasis on putting people and ethics first is not just a mantra, it’s the core of our mission.

  • We are fully committed to AI Ethics, as defined by the European Commission’s Ethics Guidelines for Trustworthy AI, and through our membership of the European AI Alliance. We strongly believe that ethical AI is the smartest and most personalised AI. It enforces us to consider a range of individual and societal harms that the misuse, abuse, poor design, or unintended negative consequences of AI systems may cause.

  • We strongly believe in fairness, impartiality, empathy and humanity. We do not support or give in to political populism or cultural divisions.

  • We are, and will always be, welcoming and open for employees and partners from all over the world.

  • We do not discriminate against anyone based on race, ethnicity, nationality, religion, belief, sex, gender, sexual orientation, gender identity, age, health, or any other status. We all have the right to be treated equally.

  • We support every employee’s personal development, creativity and entrepreneurial ambitions. Their success is our success!

  • We respect the privacy of customers and users and, therefore, will never harvest or sell their data.

  • We are committed to spreading our message of happiness, friendship and positive work-life balance throughout our workforce and our communities through support and our interactive content.

  • We use our augmented intelligence models for important causes, such as our fight against COVID-19 misinformation and using BehaviorLink to promote water efficiency and much more.