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Supporting your Augmented Intelligence Journey with Nebuli in Three Steps.

Step 1 - Let's Ideate

Firstly, we run interactive sessions with your team, leveraging our unique design thinking methodology to explore practical use cases to solve your team's specific challenges quickly.

Nebuli ClientLab Working Group - Abstract.

We apply a “bottom-up” ecosystem approach, where we do not impose a new process based on retrofitting generalist or off-the-shelf tech solutions. Instead, we apply rapid development approaches, including agile methodologies, to ensure a quick turnaround.

We ensure that your team would require minimal to no training, change of software or disruption in their work – whilst significantly increasing their productivity and efficacy.

Step 2 - Defining Your Ecosystem

We identify your existing workflow models, data models and key pain points.

Here's a typical scenario that your team might be facing:
(other scenarios apply)

Nebuli's example of clients' typical workflow models, data models and key pain points.

We then start architecting your own secure Nebuli Datastack™.

This is where we establish the foundation for your team's augmented intelligence ecosystem using Nebuli's core Datastack™ model.

Nebuli's full DataStack model.

Each layer of the Datastack™ provides a service that your team can benefit from as soon as it's available, while the other layers are being constructed.

The Data Layer

We start off with your data silos – where we work closely with your team in consolidating your internal and external data silos into a single and easily accessible Data Layer.

Nebuli DataStack's Client Data Layer.

The Data Layer alone could significantly enhance the performance and data structure of your team's workflow as it eliminates the tedious task of managing endless data silos.

The Private API Layer

This is the internal security layer that connects your newly generated Data Layer with external services via a private API gateway.

Nebuli DataStack's Private API Layer.

The Nebulized Data Layer®

This is Nebuli's flagship augmented intelligence layer where the magic happens.

This layer is Nebuli's core framework where it conducts its unique deep data mining and knowledge discovery processes, combined with novel data compression algorithms.

Nebuli DataStack's Nebulized Data Layer®

The Nebulized Data Layer contains the data indexed from the Data Layer, which is then compressed into Nebuli's own language that allows it to read data in any format, in any language and from any vertical.

Nebuli's unique data compression provides superior flexibility, speed and security to your "Nebulized" data.

The Integrated Services Layer

The key feature of Nebuli's Datastack™ is the ability to integrate external services where needed, such as your custom data security protocols, your internal API libraries, decentralised ledgers (like Augmenter) and more.

Nebuli DataStack's Integrated Services Layer.

This layer is particularly useful if your team needs to integrate existing software into Nebuli's single ecosystem and take advantage of Nebuli's augmented intelligence capabilities.

The Application API Layer

This is the secure API gateway that provides access to the full Datastack™ directly through your team's existing applications and enterprise software.

Nebuli DataStack's Application API Layer.

The Application API Layer can also be extended to provide direct access to other Datastack™ ecosystems that may have been developed for other projects within your organisation – building a truly rich augmented intelligence as a service (AIaaS) platform.

Your Application UI/UX Layer

This is your existing applications, enterprise software and internal systems through which Nebuli's services can be accessed, with minimal to no change in your current UI/UX.

Nebuli DataStack's Client Application UI Layer.

No tedious integration work or programming needed from your team. All you need is an API key and simple API parameters needed from your existing systems or apps and you're done!

Step 3 - Deployment

Nebuli takes over and automates these pain points.

This step ensures Nebuli's core libraries are the best fit for their intended purposes by working the way people would do within your team.

This is where your own co-worker model is being built by Nebuli.

Nebuli's Co-worker model solving clients' workflow pain points.

It’s not a one-size-fits-all approach. As we and Nebuli itself get to know your key challenges inside out, the system applies its capabilities in the most effective way.


Nebuli converges your data silos and redundant software for smarter and more efficient augmentation.

No tedious integration work or programming needed from your team, ever!

Nebuli data convergence model, unifying clients' data silos and redundant software for smarter and more efficient augmentation.

Optional Smart Tools and Data Output

Nebuli’s core smart tools, such as smart full-text search, deep data mining, data clustering and cognitive data classification, can be integrated seamlessly with your existing UI/UX of your apps, analytics dashboards and software packages through a dedicated API gateway.

These core tools and their data output can then be accessed directly from within your team's existing UI/UX workflows, or you may choose to use Nebuli's default UI/UX across different devices.

Nebuli's optional smart tools and data output UI that can be accessed within client software.

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