Solving your challenges and reaching your goals through our human-centric augmented intelligence ecosystem, design methodology and research.

Our approach.

Step 1. Discovery

We explore your challenge from a human perspective first, not technology first, by focusing on the ultimate outcome for your team and your target market.

  • We work closely with your team in defining the opportunity.

  • Our method applies behavioural economics and neuroscience to generate clear and innovative design principles.

  • This enables us to determine the underlying reasons why people interact with your service and the conscious and unconscious drivers that shape their decisions.

We run a series of workshops and ideation sessions to leave you with a clear view of the outputs required, as well as behavioural and technological factors for success.

Step 2. Diagnosis

Uncovering and identifying your existing digital ecosystem, workflows, data models and your critical pain points.

  • We work closely with you in analysing human workflows and decision making processes.

  • We also look at your existing technologies and digital ecosystems employed by your team, as well as your data availability and structure.

This is where we establish the foundation for your team’s augmented intelligence ecosystem using Nebuli’s core Datastack® framework.

Step 3. Data

We apply our Datastack® Convergence process in which Nebuli consolidates and indexes compressed copies of your data silos, internal datasets and your critical software layers.

  • Where relevant, we help you with such critical tasks as data migration, collation, preprocessing, cleansing and consolidation processes needed for the desired working practices.

  • We use the above process to allow Nebuli to construct its Nebulized Data Layer® – our novel data security layer which completely circumvents the need for your team to upload original copies of your data.

  • We then investigate and design mathematical models that are specific to your project. This step ensures Nebuli’s core libraries are the best fit for their intended purposes by working the way people would do within a given team.

Now we are ready to set your digital ecosystem with direct and easy access to Nebuli’s core augmented intelligence tools using simple API calls.

Step 4. Delivery

We work with your team in setting up your digital ecosystem with direct and easy access to Nebuli’s core augmented intelligence tools using simple API calls.

  • We work with your team in defining the best means of implementation and deployment of your new digital ecosystem. We focus on integration, not the replacement of your existing software.

  • Where needed, we can develop an entirely new UI/UX or an entirely new product for your project.

  • We also integrate some of our key tools, where necessary, in addition to your project-specific algorithms, such as smart full-text search, deep data mining, data clustering and cognitive data classification libraries.

  • We ensure that your team would require minimal to no training, change of software or disruption in their work – whilst significantly increasing their productivity and efficacy.

Now, Nebuli is your robotic co-worker.

Nebuli is your robotic co-worker
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