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Deploy powerful and impactful, knowledge-based human-machine interactions.

DeepVUE – Deep Vertical Understanding Embeddings – is Nebuli’s context-based composite AI and knowledge embedding framework for building and supporting specialist applications.

DeepVUE – Deep Vertical Understanding Embeddings – Nebuli’s context-based composite AI and knowledge embedding framework for building and supporting specialist applications.

Eliminating Obstacles to Knowledge Discovery & Acquisition

DeepVUE helps you deploy powerful and impactful human-machine interactions and knowledge discovery applications in highly specialist verticals without sharing your proprietary data with the world at large.

DeepVUE enhances your user-facing services, such as smart contextual search engines, composition tools for content generation, specialist chatbots, marketing automation, employee support, and more.

DeepVUE (Deep Vertical Understanding Embeddings) - Nebuli's context-based composite AI and knowledge embedding framework.

DeepVUE is powered by our expertise in emerging consumer trends and evolving human habits, combined with our Human-in-the-loop AI, and specialist and fully cited large language models (LLMs) that focus specifically on vertical knowledge-based composite AI outputs.

Eliminating Redundant Processes through Context & Deeper Knowledge Graph Integration

With DeepVUE, you get the advantage of Nebuli’s frameworks that enable your team to adopt our robotic co-worker approach without worrying about deploying overly convoluted, siloed and expensive automation services. Above all, we keep your data safe.

As an ecosystem, Nebuli infuses your existing workflow with robust augmented intelligence services, applying an omnichannel approach to dramatically reengineer the experiences that bring technology and people together in a more human-centric manner through the following steps:

Eliminate Redundant Processes through Context and Deeper Knowledge Graph Integration with Nebuli's DeepVUE framework.
  • Collect and manage your various datasets from different sources through a single channel.

  • Bring together the traditionally separate services of data security, compression, modelling, segmentation, classification and knowledge discovery into the same channel.
  • Combine several other layers of your integrated services such as your software, applications, UI/UX and data security protocols within your existing workflow.

Solving The Critical Challenges Facing AI Systems with Contextual Knowledge-based Framework

Data Privacy

DeepVUE leverages Nebuli’s safety standards through its Datastack data security and privacy protocols, human-in-the-loop models, and explainable AI.


DeepVUE is designed to be compliant with a wide range of industry regulations and standards.

Stale Datasets

DeepVUE leverages Nebuli’s Datastack framework to help customers train the most up-to-date and cleansed datasets, combining their siloed data sources and analytics tools, with optional public-cloud data services, into a single technology stack.


Powered by Nebuli’s AIQ collection of cited and responsible large language models, DeepVUE is specifically designed to prevent AI hallucinations in content-generating models.


We designed DeepVUE to be a highly flexible and customisable composite AI framework. It can be trained on a wide range of data types and can be easily integrated into existing systems and applications.

Latency & Cost

DeepVUE’s framework is highly optimised for low latency, high efficiency and low cost while ensuring that our models are relevant, productive and consistent.

Protecting Your Sensitive Data within Your Enterprise Knowledge Base and Generative AI Architecture.

DeepVUE is closely integrated with our AIQ cited large language models, which act as your safety layer for your customer-facing knowledge graphs and generative AI applications, keeping your data safe through our Datastack framework and preventing data leaks into the public AI services.

Through Nebuli’s AIQ language models, we help you set standards that ensure your AI-powered systems are fair, transparent, explainable and aligned with the growing consumer and business demands for digital ethics and responsible AI.

DeepVUE Protects Your Sensitive Data within Your Enterprise Knowledge Base and Generative AI Architecture.

Helping you scale and expand your team’s output across several projects, departments and markets.

DeepVUE’s knowledge discovery model applies deep data mining and segmentation of hundreds of thousands of reputable online content, research papers and datasets to support teams and researchers in monitoring and discovering industry trends and unpredictable anomalies, such as competitor pivots, geopolitical instabilities, consumer behaviours, environmental catastrophes, and much more.

Combined with Nano co-worker composite AI outputs, you can build a network of specialist robotic co-workers operating together as an omnichannel, dramatically enhancing hyper-personalisation and knowledge discovery.

Nebuli's Network of Knowledge Clusters, powered by DeepVUE and Federated Learning.

With Nebuli’s Innovation-as-a-Service solutions, we help teams and enterprises apply the DeepVUE framework to embed and construct a network of knowledge clusters across several digital ecosystems within different departments, projects and target markets.

This network of knowledge clusters helps you generate a blue-sky mapping of data patterns, insights and trends to deliver hyper-personalised service output for your end users and team members.

Key Benefits of DeepVUE

Advancing Understanding

Innovations and breakthroughs rely on establishing new connections and links that evade the boundaries and conceptual traps of existing associations.

Up-sell Strategies

Product and service recommendations and Cross-selling strategies based on individual purchase behaviours and trending product searches across demographic groups.

Custom LLMs

DeepVUE offer the advantage of building your own specialist language models powered by AIQ, trained on more verticalised NLP/NLU models for better retraining and deployment of specialist generative AI use cases.

Content Recommendations

DeepVUE can be leveraged for intelligent content personalisation, SEO, or social media based on user engagement behaviours.


Supporting know-your-customer (KYC) and client verification initiatives and identify noncompliant customers.


DeepVUE supports organising and categorising interdisciplinary relationships within research and development projects.