Our Method.

  • We work closely with your team to boost your digital transformation journey using Nebuli’s augmented intelligence techniques.

  • We pay close attention to behavioural trends, leveraging the diversity of staff members, customers and users.

  • We take into account ethical concerns, delivering new methodologies and impactful user experiences in a cross-industry approach.

1. Discovery

Defining the right challenge

This is about finding the ‘why’ behind the challenge to ensure focus is placed on driving the desired outcomes.

  • Getting to the root cause of the challenge, not just accepting the perceived problem.

  • Defining the ultimate outcomes and clarifying what you are fundamentally trying to achieve.

  • Understanding who is your priority target audience and how this shapes the challenge.

  • Framing the challenge from a people-first perceptive, without being driven by technological solutions first.

Customer Case

Nebuli designed and implemented a private financing firm’s data strategy, leading to their future AI-powered systems that remove the human effort from a customer’s application process. We uncovered the real challenge of identifying those applications that might lead to more valuable sales, thereby focusing on where most human effort should go.

Understanding the components of the challenge

It is essential to clarify the nature of the challenge to determine which aspects are the most important to solve. This is the 3Ps:

  • People – who is involved and how they interact.

  • Processes – the systems involved and tasks that are carried out.

  • Platforms – the technology and interfaces that are used.

Customer Case

Nebuli guided a marketing agency’s efforts in optimising the time taken by their frequent client meetings and reporting. We found it was the process itself that was the limitation since it involved manual and repetitive actions each and every time. By changing to a new platform, their team would become untethered from the past restrictive processes and refocus their time and efforts on performing priority tasks.

Accomplishing Successful Change

We use the Creatures of Habit® method to identify the behavioural nature of challenge.

Nebuli Applying Creatures of Habit Method.
  • Each Creature is responsible for a specific way in which people process information, make decisions and act. 

  • This whole-mindset approach allows us to gain a much clearer understanding of the decision-making factors and barriers to change involved.

  • We can then pinpoint where design interventions are required, allowing us to deliver optimal human experiences.

Customer Case

Nebuli developed human-centric algorithms and UI/UX of a personalised health app for a health products manufacturing company. We recognised a critical barrier to adoption, and that is the fatigue users experience in having to re-enter the same information repeatedly. Having understood that routines largely remain the same, we solved this pain by asking their users only to identify what has changed since their last interaction with the app.

We run a series of workshops and ideation sessions to leave you with a clear view of the outputs required, as well as behavioural and technological factors for success.

2. Data

Uncovering and identifying your existing digital ecosystem, workflows, data models and your critical pain points.

We work closely with you in analysing human workflows and decision making processes.

  • We look at your team’s existing technologies and digital ecosystems, as well as your data availability and structure.

  • Where relevant, we help you with such critical tasks as data migration, collation, preprocessing, cleansing and consolidation processes needed for the desired working practices.

  • We investigate and design mathematical models that are specific to your project. This step ensures Nebuli’s core libraries are the best fit for their intended purposes by working the way people would do within a given team.

Customer Case

Nebuli built a new data infrastructure for a private investment firm based on our augmented intelligence data strategy and digitisation models that increased the team’s productivity by over 200%. The work involved complete reimagination of their data input/output and full migration to the cloud, integrated directly with the firm’s existing software.

This is where we establish the foundation for your team’s augmented intelligence ecosystem using Nebuli’s core Datastack® framework.

3. Convergence

We apply our Datastack® Convergence process in which Nebuli consolidates and indexes compressed copies of your data silos, internal datasets and your critical software layers.

We work with your team in setting up and delivering your new digital and data ecosystem powered by Nebuli’s augmented intelligence.

  • We work with your team in defining the best means of implementation and deployment of your new digital ecosystem. We focus on integration, not the replacement of your existing software.

  • We use the above process to allow Nebuli to construct its Nebulized Data Layer® – our novel data security layer which completely circumvents the need for your team to upload original copies of your data.

  • Where needed, we can develop an entirely new UI/UX or an entirely new product for your project.

  • We also integrate some of our key tools, where necessary, in addition to your project-specific algorithms, such as smart full-text search, deep data mining, data clustering and cognitive data classification libraries.

  • We ensure that your team would require minimal to no training, change of software or disruption in their work – whilst significantly increasing their productivity and efficacy.

Customer Case

Nebuli turned a media company’s existing WordPress CMS publishing platform into a smart robotic co-editor without replacing any existing software or plugins. We packaged the needed Nebuli algorithms into the firm’s CMS via a private API gateway, allowing it to read and conceptualise their entire content library using Nebuli’s unique process of smart full-text search, content clustering and data segmentation.

Now we are ready to set your new digital ecosystem with direct and easy access to Nebuli’s core augmented intelligence tools using simple API calls.

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