Nebuli Joins Oracle for Startups Program to Target Enterprise Markets

London, U.K. — September 17, 2019Nebuli® (The Augmented Intelligence Company™) today announced it has joined the Oracle for Startups program, a unique acceleration program that enables mutually beneficial business-building partnerships for startups, Oracle, and Oracle’s customers worldwide.

Nebuli is a personalised Augmented Intelligence plug-and-play platform that dramatically expands teams’ capabilities by turning their existing machines and applications into super-smart robotic co-workers. Customers and users are never required to perform tedious systems integration work, replacement of existing software, installation of redundant and expensive A.I. applications, or lengthy staff training.

The company’s mission is to help teams of all sizes and in all markets to easily integrate and converge their existing software tools and data silos in a way that they can work collectively as a unified augmented intelligence ecosystem that better serves them and their customers in a more holistic, relevant and harmonious model.

“We are leading the principle of Augmented Intelligence as a Service that helps our enterprise customers augment their existing systems, rather than replacing them with generalist and off-the-shelf AI offerings that do not always fit their needs.”

Tim El-Sheikh, co-founder and CEO of Nebuli.

Through the Startups program, Oracle is delivering a unique acceleration program that enables mutually beneficial business-building partnerships for startups, Oracle’s customers, and Oracle itself. It starts with free cloud and expands to a rich collaboration with opportunities to engage with Oracle’s vast network of mentors, product experts, and customers. Together, Oracle and the startups joining the program are creating a virtuous cycle of innovation.

Oracle for Startups Program

One of the key offerings of Oracle for Startups program to qualifying startups is engagement and co-selling with Oracle’s global customer base, providing a path to revenue through:

  • Access to experienced mentoring and a virtual curriculum.
  • Exposure to global marketing, events, and PR resources.
  • Opportunities to engage with Oracle’s more than 430,000 customers.

“We want to move away from the legacy models where customers are expected to ask AI services the ‘right questions’ in order for them to work. Instead, Nebuli’s job is to provide our customers and partners with the right answers to all of their questions that need answering, just like their own expert co-worker would do.”

Tim El-Sheikh, co-founder and CEO of Nebuli.

The core aim of Nebuli is not only to democratise and decentralise augmented intelligence, but also to democratise accessibility to the most sophisticated emerging smart technologies to organisations of all sizes and in all markets without any technical limitations.

“We are really excited to join the Oracle for Startups program as this will help us tackle our highly demanding and data-heavy cloud computing needs to achieve our vision of delivering personalized augmented intelligence on-demand to enterprises, their teams and their users.

Tim El-Sheikh, co-founder and CEO of Nebuli.

About Nebuli

Nebuli® is a personalised Augmented Intelligence plug-n-play platform that dramatically expands customers’ and users’ capabilities by turning their existing machines and applications into super-smart robotic coworkers. With this unique model, Nebuli aims to support the vast majority of enterprises and teams around the world with the limited resources for building their own ecosystem of AI experts and AI-based capabilities, as well as accessing and integrating the key emerging technologies for their needs. Nebuli’s framework offers customers a single point of access to an ecosystem of customisable integration and convergence of such technologies as machine learning, deep data mining, blockchain, IoT, extended reality and much more out of the box. The company is on a mission to democratise and decentralise augmented intelligence by helping enterprises of all sizes and in all markets to access unexploited emerging technologies with resources and ecosystems available through the company’s plugin-and-play AIaaS service model – in partnership with leading organisations who wish to apply the most relevant sets of such emerging technologies within their existing business models.

Nebuli is a culmination of many years of experience of its founders and their team of top market leaders in the following areas, which are at the core foundation of the company’s R&D models and UI/UX design approach:

– Advanced A.I./M.L./Deep data mining – since 1997;
– Multi-tier system architecture – since 2000;
– Digital design and smart UX – since 2000;
– Digital and interactive media – since 2002;
– Online user behavioural science – since 2002;
– Consumer psychology – since 2007;
– Blockchain – since 2011;
– XR (Extended Reality) – since 2014;

Nebuli’s History

Nebuli was founded by two technology entrepreneurs and biomedical scientists, Tim El-Sheikh and Teacha Hamilton. Their core model of Nebuli’s augmented intelligence platforms stemmed from their idea of creating a human-like cognitive “brain nebula” that is capable of reading, collecting, connecting, and creating data mosaics (“memory blocks”) from any data sources (such as documents, databases, images, podcasts and videos). They programmed the system to securely comb through and thoroughly read millions of articles, data sets and files within minutes – a process that may take people several weeks or months to complete. Their original aim was to use Nebuli‘s cognitive systems to provide medical scientists with an intelligent, on-demand single point of access to relevant medical research papers from hundreds of different sources within seconds. However, key market opportunities were identified very quickly and the two founders invested alongside their partners the total sum of $1.30 million USD and setup Nebuli as a private company, launched in January 2019. With this, the two founders have put together a team of highly experienced business and finance professionals, world-leading mathematicians and renowned blockchain developers.

About Nebuli’s Augmented Intelligence Quotient (AIQ) Project and Augmenter Framework –

Nebuli was built by its founders with a vision to power, facilitate and accelerate the innovation and creation of opportunities uniquely associated with digital transformation markets and the ever-closer post-digital era. The company is involved in projects that bridge markets and technology sectors that are traditionally seen as “unrelated” – particularly through its blockchain-based Augmented Intelligence Quotient™ (AIQ™) framework. This framework augments interoperability between technologies and industries and rewards entities for facilitating this convergence with $AIQ tokens. Nebuli aim to bridge such areas as extended reality, quantum computing, IoT, machine learning, blockchain, transformative and many other emerging technologies through its upcoming “blockless” DAG-based ledger framework called Augmenter™. To find out more about the AIQ and Augmenter framework from Nebuli, please visit AIQ project’s website at

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