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Say hi to Nano – Welcome to the era of Human-centric Robotic Companionship.

Nebuli Launches Nano, Your Human-centric Robotic Companion

London, UK – Nebuli®, The world’s first Human-centric Augmented Intelligence Studio®, announced today the release of its robotic companion, Nano, from stealth mode. Nano is a human-centric generative AI companion that offers friendly, conversational and engaging interactions, designed to empower people and businesses across various industries.

Developed by Nebuli’s team of experts, supported by Microsoft’s Founders Hub, Nano was built on Nebuli’s principles of safety, ethics, and explainable Augmented Intelligence models to be a human-centric companion that is professional, yet friendly, creative and informal. It is designed to be a unique and innovative solution for users and businesses seeking to harness the power of Augmented Intelligence with a stronger focus on putting people first.

As a human-centric companion, Nano’s role is to help people with code examples, content ideas, research assistance, creativity and ideation partnership, as well as having regular conversations and much more. “We are incredibly excited about Nano’s potential to help people and businesses with their day-to-day needs,” said Tim El-Sheikh, CEO at Nebuli. 

“Nano represents an important milestone for Nebuli in our mission to deliver human-centric augmented intelligence models that transform the way businesses and people interact with AI systems and benefit from AI-driven opportunities,” continued El-Sheikh.

Nano is built on Nebuli’s knowledge-based composite AI framework, called DeepVUE (Deep Vertical Understanding Embeddings), which helps teams and businesses deploy powerful and impactful human-machine interactions without sharing their data with the world at large. The system is powered by Nebuli’s expertise in emerging consumer trends and evolving human habits, combined with its suite of contextual intelligence data modelsresponsible AIfederated learningHuman-in-the-loop AI, and specialist and fully cited large language models (LLMs) that focus specifically on vertical knowledge built through DeepVUE framework, called Augmented Intelligence Quotient (AIQ – pronounced “IQ”).

For Individual Users

As a human-centric companion, Nano’s role is to help people find information, make sense of complex topics, and provide creative ideas and insights. By leveraging multiple large language models through Nebuli’s AI, its suite of cited and verticalised language models, Nano provides more succinct, yet engaging and comprehensive information to help people understand the world around them.

The publicly open and free edition of Nano, which can be accessed at, also limits user prompts to 512 characters to help it minimise AI hallucinations, which is a concerning problem in the generative AI market.

Nebuli’s goal is to offer the public a tool that is a helpful, educational and supportive companion that can assist people in their quest for knowledge and understanding, as well as having the ability to have a chat or offload their frustrations.

“As a self-financed and employee-owned company, we want to build a different kind of AI. One that is safe, responsible, highly intellectual, sustainable and helps people make sense of the world,” said Teacha Hamilton, COO at Nebuli.

For Enterprises

Nebuli’s frameworks behind Nano empower enterprises to unlock the potential of generative AI capabilities from leading large language models while safely connecting all their enterprise data, gaining valuable insights about their customers and their target markets. Enterprises can turn Nano into their specialist robotic knowledge discovery framework and a powerful workflow automation system.

From decades of working with customer-facing intelligence systems, Nebuli’s team understands how today’s customer journeys have become more complex and unpredictable, demanding better vertical understanding and personalisation. By connecting customers’ proprietary datasets with Nebuli’s AIQ cited large language models, Nano can enhance user-facing services, such as customer support, smart search engines, composition tools for content generation, tutoring chatbots, marketing automation, industry insights, and much more. The free open edition of Nano is one example of what is possible.

Nano’s underlying DeepVUE framework is integrated with Nebuli’s AIQ cited large language models, which act as a safety layer for users’ and teams’ enterprise-level Generative AI applications, keeping their data safe through Nebuli’s Datastack framework, preventing data leaks into the public AI services, and minimise AI hallucinations and other errors in deployed AI models.

Through Nebuli’s AIQ language models, Nebuli helps customers set standards that ensure their AI-powered systems are fair, transparent, explainable and aligned with the growing consumer and business demands for digital ethics and responsible AI.

“For us at Nebuli, it is about putting people first, which involves converging human learning with machine learning to achieve the ultimate intelligence that serves humanity in a positive and productive way. It must never be about machine-driven intelligence alone,” concluded El-Sheikh.

For more details about Nano, please visits You can start testing and using the Nano for free at:

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65% of this article was produced by Nano

Note to Editors

 Nebuli® is the world’s first Human-centric Augmented Intelligence Studio®, a self-financed, employee-owned deep-tech research and development company. Nebuli’s mission is to be the trusted intersection between humans and machines to safeguard against biases, negative influences and ethical challenges while transforming digital experiences.

Influenced by early work in data mining of animal genomes, Nebuli founders created unique, industry-agnostic Augmented Intelligence solutions for teams and enterprises that blends science, design, data strategy, ethics, and smart robotics. As an innovation studio that applies a “people-first” approach, Nebuli uncovers new methods that replace current command-and-response models with more dynamic, personalised, interactive, exploratory, and versatile user experiences.

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