My Augmented Data Security

My combination of augmented intelligence and blockchain technology – powered my Nebulized Data Layer® – my mission is to provide you with solid security, while maintaining speed, access and interoperability.

With me, you will never need to relocate or share copies of your original data ever again.

My DataStack Model


At the heart of my system is my Nebulized Data Layer® – a novel data security layer which completely circumvents the need for customers to upload copies of their original data. This completely eliminates any footprints leading back to customer data sources.


Our proprietary DataStack™ model allows me to securely comb through and thoroughly read millions of files within minutes – a process, which might take you several weeks or months to complete.

Easy Access

With this, I build “Memory Blocks” of original data in my very own language. These memory blocks are then stored on a cloud network, combined with blockchain technology, which can only be accessed via API gateways on any device.

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