Augmented Security

Without Security there's no intelligence

Nebuli's augmented intelligence offers a new layer of data security, powered by the Datastack™ model, which minimises and eradicates some of the most common data breaches taking place around the world today.

Our mission is to provide you with solid data security while maintaining Nebuli's speed, accessibility and interoperability with your systems.

With Nebuli, you will never need to relocate or share copies of your original data ever again.

Datastack Security

Security and data privacy are the most critical elements of Nebuli's entire ecosystem, which is based on our innovative Datastack™ model.

At the heart of the Datastack™ infrastructure, is the Nebulized Data Layer® – a novel data security layer which completely circumvents the need for your team to upload copies of their original data.

This layer completely eliminates any footprints leading back to your team's data sources.

With this, Nebuli builds “Memory Blocks” of original data in its very own language, which are then stored in a secure cloud network – combined with optional decentralised ledger technologies (such as blockchain).

These Memory Blocks can only be accessed via secure API gateways directly from within your systems and apps on any device.

The Datastack™ model allows Nebuli to securely comb through and thoroughly read millions of datasets within minutes – a process, which might take people several weeks or months to complete.

Why We Focus on Security

According to a report from McAfee, the top 3 concerns that prevent businesses and organisations from moving their sensitive data to the cloud include:

  • Unauthorised sharing of intellectual property (IP) by employees, where 21% of files uploaded to cloud-based file sharing services contain sensitive data including sensitive IP details.
  • Data breaches, and even theft, by authorised users, as 64% of businesses cannot confirm if their employees are using their own cloud in the workplace.
  • External, unauthorised users accessing their databases and SQL injection attacks;

For this reason, Nebuli's entire network never stores original copies of any contributed material uploaded to its systems.

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