Augmented Intelligence, What is it?

I go beyond tackling broad, general intelligence or machine-led automation. My mission is to help you augment and extend your decision making process and creativity.

I work with you in solving deep industry and domain problems with a high level of specificity.

offering you insights and recommendations through reasoning.

My Architecture

I was built by my two founders to read information and conceptualise data in a way that mirrors the workings of the human brain.

This model revolutionises how information is stored, searched and classified, as I only find and bring what is most relevant to you – even in the areas you might not think to look.

My Co-Worker Model


Working with me does not need any additional AI or software layers, programming skills, or tedious learning curves. Just connect me and you're ready to go.

Apps Integration

We offer our customers and users a single service package that combines what is traditionally seen as separate services of data security, encryption, data compression, data modelling, data classification and knowledge recommendation.

All built on the DataStack platform that can be integrated into existing applications, software packages and websites with ease.

Blockchain Integration

We are breaking yet another tradition, where machine learning/AI and blockchain technologies are seen and operated as two separate and unrelated entities.

We believe that merging the two opens up some unique and exciting opportunities for our customers and the wider communities. This is why we have integrated blockchain into the DataStack, creating a hybrid that revolutionises how both machines and blockchain technologies work together to help our customers and users alike.

Data Integration

Our entire operation, as well as the DataStack itself, are both independent from any data formats, platforms and languages. This offers an unmatched, easier and faster cross-disciplinary and cross-regional data integrations and interoperability.

For our customers and communities, this facilitates discovery of hidden knowledge, previously unseen trends and opportunities. Above all, this model frees you from long-term lock-in to any particular platform, thus breaking away from technical limitations.

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