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Nebuli is a personalised Augmented Intelligence as a Service platform, designed to dramatically expand your capabilities by turning your existing machines and applications into super-smart robotic co-workers.

Nebuli Augmented Intelligence Coworker Network.

No tedious integration work or programming needed from your team. All you need is an API key and simple API parameters needed from your existing systems or apps and you're done!

Nebuli AIaaS API Example.

Example of API parameters used by your apps to call various augmented intelligence functions directly from Nebuli. Don't worry, this code is what your apps see and is not part of your UI/UX.

Nebuli Augmented Intelligence Network.

Our mission is to help teams and organisations of all sizes and in all markets to access unexploited emerging technologies with resources and ecosystems available through Nebuli's plugin-and-play Augmented Intelligence services.

Nebuli's Data Blocks - Set B.

Nebuli goes beyond tackling broad, general intelligence or machine-led automation and we work with you in solving deep industry and domain problems with a high level of specificity.

offering you insights and recommendations through reasoning.

Core Architecture

Nebuli was built by the two founders to read information and conceptualise data in a way that mirrors the workings of the human brain, which revolutionises how data elements are accessed, stored, searched, classified and converged.

This unique model helps teams to use Nebuli's core intelligence to push forward their own smarter applications into their workflow or to a wider market faster, cheaper and with a much higher level of data security.

Nebuli was also built as a language-independent, sector-independent and an easily accessible augmented intelligence ecosystem for everyone.

Nebuli's DAG-based Decentralised Ledger Model - Augmenter™

Nebuli's Autonomous Nodes

Together, all of the above principles are the core foundation of Nebuli's augmented intelligence, allowing it to identify common data “denominators” from across different markets through individual projects, teams and users.

Nebuli Autonomous Node.

We call these denominators Autonomous Nodes™ which are the building blocks of Nebuli's ever-expanding knowledge network.

Nebuli AIQ Augmenter Robotics.
Nebuli AIQ Augmenter Augmented/Extended Reality.
Nebuli AIQ Augmenter Microchips and GPUs.

Our vision is to evolve Nebuli into a decentralised and autonomous personalised augmented intelligence network – by connecting several million Autonomous Nodes – to facilitate the growth of new emerging and transformative technologies for people, teams and communities in all economies around the world.

Easier Adoption

We know that there are thousands of "AI" products and service providers that serve various similar markets and dealing with either generalist or narrow data silos.

Yet, since 2018, over 96% of organisations still face data-related problems, including silos and inconsistent datasets, and over 98% of CIOs say preparation and aggregation of large datasets in a timely fashion is a major challenge.*

Also, over 89% of CIOs and CTOs say their organisations still struggle to adapt to A.I. and new emerging technologies.

Nebuli simplifies and unscrambles the overly complicated, overpriced and painful AI adoption process for teams and enterprises of all sizes and in all markets.

Nebuli vs Legacy AI Integration Flow.
* Databricks – CIO Survey: Top 3 Challenges Adopting AI and How to Overcome Them (December 2018).
 IDG in partnership with Appian – Why humans, AI systems, and robots need to get along at work–and why it’s so hard to do. (March 2019).

The Co-Worker Model

Nebuli’s direct and secure engagement to your team's internal data sources, combined with its unique semantic-free cognitive model, allows it to become more deeply qualified for your project and your sector.

It's like your team's own qualified robotic co-worker who's been trained to do the job.

Nebuli's Co-worker model solving clients' workflow pain points.

Compared to most legacy AI offerings, Nebuli's smart co-worker model powers your systems and apps with a set of relevant augmented intelligence plug-and-play services that dramatically enhance your existing workflow's output.


Working with Nebuli does not need any additional AI or software layers, programming skills, or tedious learning curves. Just connect it and you're ready to go.

Nebuli Apps Integration.

Apps Integration

Nebuli combines what is traditionally seen as separate services of data security, encryption, data compression, data modelling, data classification and knowledge recommendation.

This is all built within Nebuli's Datastack™ which can be integrated into existing applications, software packages and websites with ease.

Nebuli Data Integration.

Data Integration

Our entire operation, as well as the Datastack™ itself, are both independent from any data formats, platforms and languages. This offers an unmatched, easier and faster cross-disciplinary and cross-regional data integrations and interoperability.

For our customers and communities, this facilitates discovery of hidden knowledge, previously unseen trends and opportunities. Above all, this model frees you from long-term lock-in to any particular platform, thus breaking away from technical limitations.

Nebuli Blockchain Integration.

Blockchain Integration

We are breaking yet another tradition, where machine learning/AI and blockchain technologies are seen and operated as two separate and unrelated entities.

We believe that merging the two opens up some unique and exciting opportunities for our customers and the wider communities.

This is why we have integrated blockchain into the Datastack™, creating a hybrid that revolutionises how both machines and blockchain technologies work together to help our customers and users alike.

The "Blockless" Blockchain

Nebuli is at the heart of our new ambitious project called Augmented Intelligence Quotient (AIQ — pronounced “I.Q.”) which bridges technology areas that are traditionally seen as “unrelated” across different markets.

Nebuli AIQ project Logo.

Our primary plan is to launch our own “blockless” ledger framework, called Augmenter – based on the Directed Acyclic Graph (DAG) model and on ‘green’ principles.

AIQ-Augmenter Ecosystem.

The crucial feature of Augmenter is that it does not depend on miners and it scales as the number of its nano-transactions increase.

More importantly, this framework supports interconnected networks of "nano-payments" which is at the heart of AIQ’s interconnected augmented intelligence libraries submitted from across several verticals.

Nebuli robotic arm control via smartphones.

We are looking at bridging such areas as extended reality, quantum computing, IoT, machine learning, transformative and many other emerging technologies - we like to call them the "Technology Collective".

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