Autonomous Nodes.

Nebuli Autonomous Nodes

Nebuli identifies common data “denominators” across your team’s Datastack®, grouping them into Autonomous Nodescreating a network of blue-sky inter-industrial connections that unearth new opportunities.

Datastack denominators.

Helping customers grow and expand their output across several markets at scale through a unified human-centric augmented intelligence ecosystem.

In each sector, we help teams and enterprises of all sizes apply our Datastack® framework to embed Nebuli within their individual digital ecosystems to input the data it needs, generate its memory blocks and output its augmented intelligence services.

As Nebuli interconnects all of the customer-embedded Datastacks within the same sector, the embedded augmented intelligence algorithms discover and create common “denominators” from the closely related Nebulised datasets applied across customer projects and applications.

These denominators are the Autonomous Nodes through which Nebuli generates a blue-sky mapping of data patterns and trends across different sectors, including those that are seemingly unrelated.

Nebuli Autonomous Nodes Generate blue-sky mappings of data patterns.

Measure of similarity.

Nebuli constructs its Memory Blocks by generating a Data-Driven World (DDW) from each team’s internal datasets – allowing it to index and visualise the critical elements needed for enhancing their workflows and boost their output.

  • Within the DDW, Nebuli performs data segmentation and measure of similarity processes as a way of identifying specific themes within the customer’s ecosystem in a given market.
  • Through the Autonomous Nodes, Nebuli can extend this DDW’s measure of similarity across several other DDWs generated from closely-related subsectors explored by the customer.
  • Then, the same process can expand further afield to cover newly explored markets, interlinking with more closely-related subsectors and so on.

This measure of similarity method creates the ability for Nebuli and customers to generate both industry-wide and inter-industrial Autonomous Nodes that operate collectively as a multi-agent network of several interacting intelligent robotic agents.

The overall aim of this robust network is for all autonomous nodes to reach a quorum – enabling them to interact and enhance each other’s intelligence and efficiency.

Thus, augmenting the overall intelligence and relevancy of Nebuli across several industries through a growing network of Autonomous Nodes.

Nebuli's expanding network of Autonomous Nodes.

Of course, through the Nebulised Data Layer, no customer data is ever shared or stored throughout this process, with zero footprints linking Autonomous Nodes to their original sources.

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