Your Expert Robotic Coworker.

  • Turn your existing applications and service outputs into smart robotic coworkers, by infusing them with human-centric Augmented Intelligence services.

  • Nebuli’s Autonomous Nodes™ and Operatives Bot (Nanobot) framework adds a human approach to processing your datasets with high-precision contextual output.

Eliminate Redundant Processes through Context.

Nebuli’s Robotic Coworker™ framework takes you beyond the mere automation of tasks toward an effective collaboration between your team and customers through contextual intelligence.

Nanobot simplifies and unscrambles the nebulous AI and automation adoption processes for teams and enterprises of all sizes across all markets.

Take Advantage of Nebuli’s Rich Augmented Intelligence Ecosystem.

Nebuli’s services help your team adopt our Robotic Coworker framework without worrying about deploying overly convoluted, inefficient and expensive automation services. So, you can focus on what matters most, maximising your output and business growth.

We know how today’s customer journeys have become more complex and unpredictable, demanding better understanding and personalisation.

Nanobot is powered by our expertise in emerging consumer trends and evolving human habits, driven by a leading team of business strategists, data scientists and software engineers.

Key Benefits

Save Time

Simply infuse your existing software, machines, websites and apps with Nanobot’s rich set of specialist skills required for specific tasks.

Save Costs

Nanobot integrates within your current UI/UX via Nebuli API gateways, with minimal development work or expensive staff training.


Nanobot’s contextual model offers unique insights and recommendations with reasoning and transparency.


Prioritising data privacy and technological commitment toward ethical and trustworthy alignment with personal and cultural concerns.

Hyper Personalisation

With Nanobot, brands can build highly targeted experiences through contextual data modeling.


Nanobot supports adaptive designs of the decision environment to influence the behavior of groups or individuals.

Data Precision and Explainability.

Nanobot’s contextual intelligence applies a human approach to processing your datasets by adding explainability to the critical stages of your machine learning pipelines.

This process ensures a higher level of precision while also building trust between your autonomous systems and your users.

It’s Human Learning with Machine Learning.

Nanobot facilitates a truly contextual automation framework by helping your team find ways to replace today’s command-and-response digital services with an experience that is interactive, exploratory and adaptable.

Helping you scale and expand your team’s output across several projects, departments and markets.

With Nebuli’s ClientLab Innovation-as-a Service, we help teams and enterprises of all sizes apply our Datastack framework to embed a network of Nanobots across several digital ecosystems within different departments, projects and target markets.

This network of Nanobots helps you generate a blue-sky mapping of data patterns, insights and trends to deliver hyper-personalised service output for end users and customers.

Your specialist Nanobot clusters interconnect to establish a quorum that enables them to interact and enhance each other’s intelligence, efficiency and accuracy for hyper-personalisation.

This is your network of robotic coworkers operating together as an omnichannel, dramatically making it easier for your business and innovations to grow across several markets.