Nebuli’s Augmented Intelligence Quotient (AIQ) and the Metaverse of Smart Ideas.

Nebuli Augmented Intelligence Quotient (AIQ) Project.

Nebuli’s decentralised network for public innovations and opportunities associated with Augmented Intelligence and emerging digital transformation technologies.

Key services

  • Deep data mining.

  • Blockchain integration.

  • Data pre-processing

  • Data migration.

  • UI/UX/UC

  • IoT


  • Sustainability.

  • Utility.

  • Digital Marketing.

Augmented Intelligence Quotient (AIQ) Logo - Nebuli

Our Augmented Intelligence Quotient (AIQ — pronounced “I.Q.”) is a free and open decentralised integration network and marketplace for the key emerging and transformative technologies that power Augmented Intelligence, including, but not limited to, Distributed ledgers (including Blockchain), Artificial Intelligence (AI), Extended Reality (XR) and Quantum Computing – aka “DARQ” technologies.

The aim of the AIQ project is to be the world’s only Metaverse of smart ideas, which powers, facilitates and accelerates the innovation and creation of opportunities uniquely associated with digital transformation markets and the ever-closer post-digital era.

The project achieves this aim by bridging markets and technology sectors that are traditionally seen as “unrelated” — such as DARQ, IoT, ML, transformative and many other emerging technologies (we call this the “technology collective”) — through AIQ’s decentralised network built on smart contracts and our upcoming DAG-based framework, called Augmenter.

“By combining AI with key emerging technologies, we can focus on augmenting human decision making and creativity, rather than replacing it.”

@TimElSheikh, Co-founder & CEO @Nebuli.

AIQ is built on Nebuli’s principle of Augmented Intelligence as a Service (AIaaS) that powers the creation of a smart “co-worker” that is built with a rich set of specialist skills required to do any given job, compared to other generalist and off-the-shelf AI offerings.

Above all, this AIaaS principle was built to help Nebuli’s customers augment their existing systems, rather than replacing them, by connecting their current implementations with other technologies that enhance their decision making processes, creativity and existing workflows with minimal or no disruption.

AIQ allows the wider community of users, developers, businesses and teams to take advantage of such AIaaS models and libraries available within the network and help them go much further beyond tackling broad, general intelligence or machine-led automation by augmenting their existing platforms with new and emerging technologies with ease — while maintaining high level of data security and earning credits and rewards through tokenisation (discussed in further details below).

The Decentralised Network for Augmented Intelligence

AIQ is a decentralised network for repositories of code libraries, design frameworks, tools, algorithms and datasets that collectively contribute toward building up augmented intelligence applications. Our project’s mission is to make AIQ readily available for individuals, teams and organisations of all sizes to assist with their research and development projects, technology-based innovations, productivity challenges, augmented creativity and much more.

AIQ’s discovery model is based on the interoperability and relevancy of features and capabilities for a user’s specific requirements, highlighting the opportunities available and minimising the search for the most compatible and appropriate solutions. AIQ’s token-based reward system completely eradicates the traditional barriers to technological innovation and adoption at scale.

As the business landscape transitions further into a combination of digital natives and organisations are well into their digital transformation efforts, AIQ’s rich ecosystem of technology libraries and algorithms is the key that will open unimagined new pathways into the future – openly and securely.

Augmenter and Blockchain

Our primary plan is to launch our own “blockless” ledger framework, called Augmenter™ – based on the Directed Acyclic Graph (DAG) model and on ‘green’ principles.

Augmenter’s DAG-based ledger operates a multitude of individual zero-fee nano-transactions that are interlinked to each other and stored through AIQ’s decentralised network of participating nodes and clients.

The critical feature of Augmenter is that the framework does not depend on miners and it scales as the number of transactions increase. More importantly, this framework supports interconnected networks of “nano-payments” which is at the heart of AIQ’s interconnected technology libraries submitted from across several verticals.

Our goal with Augmenter is to develop an ecosystem by establishing a worldwide bank of innovative ideas contributed by millions of people anywhere in the world — a user-first infrastructure that is fair and open, with the $AIQ token as its digital currency.

How $AIQ Tokens are Generated and Earned

$AIQ tokens are generated through a string of Augmnter’s individual nano-transactions which are interlinked to each other and stored through AIQ’s decentralised network of node participants.

AIQ Token Generation and User Engagement – Nebuli.

The process of generating and earning $AIQ tokens is very simple and does not require any prior experience with cryptocurrencies. Thus, it is open to individuals, startups, corporations and institutions. Participants and contributors to AIQ’s augmented intelligence base can earn $AIQ tokens as shown in the infographic below: