Augmented Knowledge Discovery

Nebuli - Mindzilla Knowledge Discovery Platform.

Applying Nebuli’s augmented intelligence blockchain convergence model to expand Mindzilla’s cognitive knowledge discovery network.

Key services

  • Deep data mining.

  • Knowledge discovery.

  • Data pre-processing.

  • Data migration.

  • UI/UX/UC.


  • Digital media.

  • Knowledge discovery.

Nebuli - Mindzilla Case Study

Nebuli is the cognitive discovery engine behind Mindzilla, helping the system to fully read information and conceptualise it in a way that mirrors the workings of the human brain. This revolutionises users search for/ discovery of information, as Nebuli takes on much of the human effort involved in compiling useful and relevant information.

This goes far beyond referencing tags and keywords and instead is a fully conceptual knowledge discovery engine. It can be compared to the difference between reading a textbook on a specific subject vs consulting the world’s experts across multiple disciplines at once and finding all the wider implications.

Nebuli’s Key Role

  • Using Nebuli’s API-powered augmented intelligence as a service (AIaaS) tool, the system does all the groundwork to ensure users are working with the most relevant information, even from sources they wouldn’t usually think to look.

  • The system conceptualises all information in a way that users can understand, so they do not waste time interpreting complex data.

  • Allow Mindzilla to intelligently learn and adapt in response to individual users’ way of searching for information, thus generating more relevant knowledge discovery protocols.

  • Powers Mindzilla’s autonomous processces that work in the background so users are always up to date.