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How Nebuli applies augmented intelligence as a service (AIaaS) model to turn Wordpress VIP into a robotic co-editor to support complex editorial workflows.

Nebuli’s key philosophy is to provide customers with a single service package that combines what is traditionally seen as separate services of data security, encryption, data compression, data modelling, data classification and knowledge recommendation — all built on Nebuli’s novel DataStack architecture that can be integrated into existing applications with ease. No programming work needed from publishers or their development teams, just plug-and-play.

With Wordpress and Wordpress VIP platform, Nebuli automated a tedious editorial process to help publishers accelerate their editorial workflow.

Nebuli has been packaged into a Wordpress VIP plugin in order to turn existing Wordpress VIP installations into AI co-editors, freeing all editorial teams from their daily repetitive tasks of manually categorising and tagging their posts.

Nebuli reads and understands a publisher’s entire Wordpress VIP content library through its unique way of conceptualising full text and clustering keywords. It instantly knows how new content relates to the publisher’s existing published articles.

Nebuli’s Key Role

  • It auto-classifies new content to match a publisher’s existing content categories. This ensures content automatically gets assigned to the correct place and removes the need for any human decision making.

  • It suggests any new tags that are of high relevance to a post, eliminating the need to manually determine the most suitable keywords.

  • Above all, the publishers do not need to worry about any additional technical setup or development of additional AI layers for the system to work.

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