The Augmented Intelligence Company™

Your experience and creativity, combined with My insights and problem-solving power

I augment your decision making process by making your existing system work smarter for you.

Augmented intelligence at your fingertips

We help your teams augment and extend their decision making process and creativity with a “co-worker” model that is qualified with the specialised skills required to do the job, compared to other AI offerings.

Just connect me to a system and I’ll make it super smart for you...

No programming needed.

How I work

My core is built on a decentralized Augmented Intelligence as a Service (AIaaS).

This means that you have a quick and easy access to sophisticated augmented and cognitive intelligence and blockchain services out of the box, in a single package.

I'm freeing you from long-term lock-in to any particular platform.

Just connect me and you're ready to go.

Augmented Data Security

At the heart of my system is my Nebulized Data Layer® – a novel data security layer which completely circumvents the need for customers to upload copies of their original data.

With this, I build “Memory Blocks” of original data in my very own language.
These memory blocks are then stored on a cloud network, combined with blockchain technology, which can only be accessed via API gateways.

In other words, I completely eliminate any footprints leading back to your data sources.

Our Work

Our approach is about building tools for your specific workplace roles and functions.

All within a single Plug-and-Play package.

We work with businesses and organisations of all sizes, as well as user communities around the world.

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