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Saving a Marketing Agency Ten Business Days a Month.

Saving Ten Working Days per Month for a Marketing Agency with Automation.

Saving a growing digital marketing agency ten business days a month by eliminating repetitive content production tasks with Nebuli’s Nano enterprise solution.

Key Services

  • Knowledge Discovery

  • Smart SEO

  • Content Automation

  • Data Strategy

  • Smart UI/UX

Key Markets

  • Digital Marketing

  • Social Media

Nebuli digital marketing content automation.

Nebuli partnered with a growing European marketing agency specialising in digital marketing and editorial services for small to medium-sized businesses. While the company had a strong reputation for producing high-quality content for its clients, it struggled with the time-consuming and repetitive nature of content production, particularly in the areas of copywriting, editorial bylines and social media posts.

The agency’s content production process was largely manual, with a team of copywriters and editors working on individual client projects. This process was time-consuming, and the team needed help to maintain consistency in the tone and style of their content production as different team members worked on diverse projects.

Furthermore, with a growing client base, the agency needed to scale their content production without sacrificing quality or adding more resources. However, they found themselves spending more time on such tedious tasks as keyword research, SEO optimisation, and market-sepcific formatting.

Nebuli’s Solution

To address these challenges, Nebuli supported the agency with its robotic co-editor models, applying natural language processing (NLP) and content automation services delivered via Nano enterprise generative AI.

Incorporating NLP algorithms to the existing content enables the agency to identify patterns and trends in the tone and sentiment of their content. For example, they could identify whether the content contained specific sentiment keywords that reflects the context of their target audiences.

This information would allow the agency to also identify areas where they may need to adjust the tone or sentiment of their content in order to better align with their target markets, supported by Nebuli’s BehaviorLink framework.

  • Through its augmented intelligence models, Nebuli examined the agency’s existing content and generated new content based on specific guidelines and parameters set by the agency.

  • The system incorporated NLP to analyse and contextualise the structure and meaning of the agency’s previously produced editorial content.

  • Team Nebuli developed a comprehensive data strategy for the agency effectively organise and analyse its content databases to improve the efficiency and accuracy of their content generation process.


With the help of Nebuli content automation services, the agency was able to automate much of the content production process, saving them a significant amount of time and resources – currently over 10 business days per month! Thus, allowing them to complete projects faster and with fewer errors, while scaling their editorial production process.