What We Do

We help teams augment and extend their decision making process and creativity with a “co-worker” model that is qualified with the specialised skills required to do the job compared to other AI offerings.

Our company is a culmination of many years of experience from the founders, who built an extensive network of key leaders in the AI, media, and UX since 2001, as well as blockchain and extended reality (XR) since 2011.

Why we do it?

  • Off-the-shelf AI offerings rarely match the specific requirements and workflows of individual organisations and businesses.
  • From our own experience, building a custom AI application, combined with building additional integration layers with off-the-shelf AI services, requires large number of developers — which is very costly and takes months, if not years, worth of work.
  • Even large corporations with the finances to hire hundreds of developers have a hard time seeking out enough AI experts to meet their specific needs.
  • We believe our plugin-n-play AIaaS model will support the 99% of organisations with the limited resources for building their own team of AI experts and AI capabilities for their needs.

you get full access to my augmented intelligence systems – combined with unique data models, blockchain technology, UIs and more.

Why Work with Us?

Our job is to go beyond tackling broad, general intelligence or machine-led automation.

  • We free you from repetitive and tedious tasks and from building redundant A.I. software layers.

  • You receive plug-and-play access to sophisticated augmented intelligence and blockchain services out-of-the-box.

  • We free you from very long and expensive A.I. application development life-cycle.

  • You get full access to my augmented security that completely circumvents the need for you to upload copies of your original data.

Our Ethics

Our core philosophy is about openness across borders, nationalities and all backgrounds. We are extremely proud of being a team of multinationals and we will continue to grow as such.

Our customers, partners and investors have always been attracted not just by our technology and our work, but also by our multicultural team and strong sense of diversity. This is what drives our growth and global ambition as an international organisation.

Thus, we are always open for employees, investors and partners from all over the world and everyone is welcome to join us and work with us.

Our Origins

Our company was built by two technology entrepreneurs and biomedical scientists, Tim El-Sheikh and Teacha Hamilton.

Our core model stemmed from their idea of creating a human-like cognitive “brain nebula” that is capable of reading, collecting, connecting, and creating data mosaics ("memory blocks") from any data sources (such as documents, databases, podcasts and videos).

They programmed the system to securely comb through and thoroughly read millions of articles, data sets and files within minutes – a process that may take people several weeks or months to complete.

Their original aim was to use our cognitive systems to provide medical scientists with an intelligent, on-demand single point of access to relevant medical research papers from hundreds of different sources within seconds.


Key market opportunities were identified very quickly and the two founders secured a series of seed investments and brought together a highly skilled and experienced team with a mission of solving the world’s most challenging problems through our augmented inteligence models.

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