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Nebuli is the brainchild of husband and wife technology entrepreneurs and biomedical scientists, Tim and Teacha.

Influenced by their early work in data mining of animal genomes in the early 2000s, the two founders wanted to build a human-like cognitive system that helps medical scientists with their research challenges in the form of a robotic data scientist.

But, they quickly identified opportunities in several other markets and have attracted some of the world’s most iconic brands toward their augmented intelligence design models. This is where Nebuli and the robotic co-worker concept was established.

They brought on board their good friend and one of London’s top designers, Simon Jack, as Co-founder and Chief Design Officer (CDO).

They also brought together a group of world-leading mathematicians lead by Prof. Aleksandr Gorban – one of the most cited mathematicians in the world.

On January 21st, 2019, the two founders officially launched Nebuli Ltd. in London with support from Amazon’s AWS Activate for Startups, NVIDIA Inception, Google Cloud for Startups, Oracle for Startups and WeWork Labs.

Breaking away from the hype and putting people first.

As experienced entrepreneurs since the later days of the “.com” era, the founding team witnessed at first hand the evolution of technology-led customer journeys and the negative impact of overhyped technology promises on customer experiences.

AI is the hype of the 2020s. But, like with all hypes, many AI promises fail to deliver and customers pay the price. Not to mention, the ethical concerns surrounding this topic.

We established our business model on the principle of putting people and ethics at the heart of our products, services and R&D efforts using our human-centric approach.

Our ethics.

Our emphasis on the human-centric mantra is lead by our strong ethical values, which are not limited only to our technology and design work, but also toward our employees and our general business policies.

Our early partners and customers were attracted not just by our technology and our hard work and dedication, but also by our growing multicultural team and a strong sense of diversity. This is what drives our global ambition as an international business. Hence, we do not give in to political populism or cultural divisions.

Our commitment.

  • We are fully committed to AI Ethics, as defined by the World Economic Forum. We strongly believe that ethical AI is the smartest and most personalised AI. It enforces us to consider a range of individual and societal harms that the misuse, abuse, poor design, or unintended negative consequences of AI systems may cause.

  • We are, and will ALWAYS be, open for employees and partners from all over the world, and everyone is welcome to join us regardless. 

  • We are strongly committed to gender equality and strong support for the LGBTQ community.

  • We support every employee’s personal development, creativity and entrepreneurial ambitions. Their success is our success!

  • We respect the privacy of customers and users and, therefore, will NEVER harvest or sell their data. We are the antidote to Cambridge Analytica.

  • We are committed to spreading our message of happiness, friendship and positive work-life balance throughout our workforce and our communities through support and our interactive content.

  • We use our technology for important causes, such as our fight against misinformation using augmented intelligence to facilitate the discovery of scientifically-validated research papers through Mindzilla and our Researcher.AI tool (developed to support the fight against COVID-19).

Your data is your power, and we respect it.

We built our augmented intelligence models on our Datastack® framework, the foundation of our ethical AI philosophy.

Ethical AI models are smarter than conventional AI applications that relentlessly scrape and mine data with minimal regard to privacy or encryption. We see this as Lazy AI, and we are firmly against it.

Our policy is never to harvest client data unless it is critically important and full consent of our customers and users is agreed.

We can do this thanks to Nebuli’s proprietary data layer, within the Datastack, called the Nebulized Data Layer®. Nebuli never stores the original copies of any customer or user material uploaded to its systems.

Nebuli Data Privacy and Protection with the Datastack Framework.

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Invidia Inception Program
Oracle for Startups
Google Cloud for Startups
AWS Activate for Startups
Twilio for Startups
Hatch by DigitalOcean
University of Leicester
Nebuli Yocova Partnership
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