Behaviour Diagnostics Tool

Explore the human drivers, desires and decisions required for successful change to take place.

Knowing where to begin is often the hardest part. This tool simplifies the science and takes the guesswork out of getting the outcomes you want from people.

Let’s simplify complex human challenges together.

How it works

  • Nebuli Behaviour Diagnostics Tool Step 1

    Select the symptoms you want to change within your target audience.

  • Nebuli Behaviour Diagnostics Tool Step 2

    Be guided through the reasons why these behaviours might exist.

  • Nebuli Behaviour Diagnostics Tool Step 3

    Get a prioritised plan of action to pinpoint how to achieve your desired impact.

Keep notes as you go and when you finish, you can revisit your action plan via your own unique link that’s sent to your email.

Behaviour Change Diagnostics Tool - Step 1 of 5

What is the challenge you want to solve?

You need a clear understanding of the reasons why the change is needed, who needs to do what and the outcomes you are looking to achieve.

Let’s Achieve Your Ultimate Goals.

Transform your innovation journey with your unique human-centric augmented intelligence framework, powered by Nebuli.

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