A Fresh Approach

We apply our unique People-first methodology throughout our work, combining human-centric design, extensive research and our augmented intelligence ecosystem to achieve your ultimate goals.

With Nanobot, you can focus on what matters most, maximising your output and business growth with a truly contextual automation framework. Nebuli will help you replace today’s command-and-response digital services with an experience that is interactive, exploratory and adaptable.

With BehaviorLink, you can onboard a people-centric approach to your creativity and innovation process. You will be better equipped to identify and understand underlying concerns for your customers and employees and plan how to address them, in turn enabling them to develop and implement change more efficiently.

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Unlock the power of your data to drive your competitive advantage.

Nebuli’s Datastack opens up unlimited possibilities for your team to turn your trapped data into actionable results with easy access to Nebuli’s Augmented Intelligence algorithms, combined with multiple public-cloud data security and analysis tools and much more.

Key Benefits

  • Data readiness for achieving successful digital transformation strategies.

  • Strategic data migration from legacy database models and excel sheets to integrable cloud databases.

  • Unifying scattered internal and external data silos.

  • Enhancing data security protocols and data privacy policies.

  • Easier and more efficient hybrid cloud integration, combining your on-premises servers or private cloud with public cloud services.

Datastack combines the traditionally separate business-critical services, such as data security, compression, modelling, classification, segmentation, knowledge discovery and much more into a single, integrable technology stack.

Framework Structure

Modern digital ecosystems involve more than just data and AI. Our Datastack framework is the new standard that helps teams and organisations uncover new business opportunities and hidden augmented intelligence capabilities that can dramatically transform their output across markets.



Your dedicated R&D service – driven by Nebuli’s forward-thinking innovation strategy and staff augmentation with a specialist panel of scientists, marketing experts, designers, engineers and mathematicians.

ClientLab provides partners with the innovation support needed to create technologies that shift the mindset of their customers, creating a strong market impact.

Our expertise in emerging consumer trends and evolving human habits is your strongest advantage.

If your digital innovation is about building the future, then we must start by focusing on your future users, consumers and evolving human habits.

ClientLab Human-centric R&D Foundation

Key Benefits

  • We pay close attention to behavioural trends, leveraging the diversity of staff members, customers and users, powered by BehaviorLink – our behavioural psychographics and psychometrics framework.

  • We take into account ethical concerns and emerging regulations, delivering new methodologies in a cross-industry approach.

  • We built our augmented intelligence models that power your R&D efforts on our Datastack framework – the foundation of our ethical AI and strict data privacy philosophy.

  • Save costs on facilities or equipment used for R&D projects while also accessing the latest technologies that we review and offer.

  • We offer more flexibility and protection for your intellectual property (IP) ownership, adding more value to your IP base.

We work closely with you in analysing human workflows and decision making processes to ensure successful R&D outcomes. Our emphasis is to augment, not replace, your existing digital and R&D ecosystems.