A Fresh Approach

Our Augmented Intelligence ecosystem combines human-centric design, engineering, science and business to achieve your ultimate goals.

Nebuli's Large Language Model Mining.

What is Augmented Intelligence?

In the technology world, there are two camps of thinkers:

  • those who believe technology is there to replace humans, as in artificial intelligence, and

  • those who believe technology can empower humans and not replace them, focusing on linking human learning with machine learning for ultimate intelligence. This is Nebuli.

Nebuli Human-Machine Symbiosis.

Innovation with Inspiration

Our team consists not only of engineers and mathematicians but also designers, scientists, artists, psychologists and philosophers.

We help customers realise their transformative digital experiences and create breakthrough products and services that exceed expectations and change behaviours in entire verticals.

Nebuli Human Centric Augmented Intelligence Algorithms - Innovation with Inspiration.

Advisory and R&D

Your Innovation-as-a-Service
Nebuli ClientLab –Your Innovation as a Service - AI Advisory and R&D Services.

Through ClientLab, we provide specialist staff augmentation supported by our panel of scientists, marketing experts, designers, engineers and mathematicians to extend specific expertise gaps for teams and departments. We help teams, decision-makers, and organisations across several markets de-risk their investments in emerging technologies.

Cited Language Models

Specialist LLMS and Generative AI
Nebuli Augmented Intelligence Quotient (AIQ) Cited Large Language Models.

Nebuli’s AIQ LLMs focus specifically on vertical knowledge built on our Deep Vertical Understanding (DeepVU) framework. With the DeepVU framework, we trained AIQ’s models using Deep Reinforcement Learning from Human Feedback (DRLHF) methodology but with a focus on specific vertical and societal parameters.

Nanobot Composite AI

Your Expert Robotic Coworker
Nebuli's Nanobot Composite AI - Your Robotic Coworker.

Nanobot’s Robotic Coworker™ frameworks are customised to your specific verticals and proprietary datasets to enhance your user-facing services, such as smart contextual search engines, composition tools for content generation, specialist chatbots, marketing automation, employee support and more.

How We Work

We make it significantly easier for your teams across departments to build integrated digital experiences powered by Nebuli across a broad spectrum of industries.

We are Results-obsessed

We focus on delivering value at every step of the project’s journey steadily and transparently.

We are Your Team

We work with you as one team across the project’s life cycle, focusing on solving the problem.

We are Agile

We quickly adapt along your journey, helping you develop the capabilities needed to adapt in the future.

From Idea to Launch

We enable teams to solve the right problems and build the right solutions, from ideation to scale.

We focus on People

We pay close attention to workflows, behaviours and decision-making processes.

We focus on Ethics

We examine your data, privacy and technological commitment toward ethical and trustworthy alignment with personal and cultural concerns.

Nebuli is your strongest advantage for today’s complex digital experiences.

Because we are entirely self-financed and employee-owned, we are a truly independent, industry-agnostic, DeepTech partner. We have the freedom to be transparent and help you make the right decisions for your long-term success.

Our Solutions Work Together as Your Innovation Omnichannel with a Rich Ecosystem.


  • Design research
  • Gamification
  • Design Systems


  • Federated Learning
  • Deep analytics
  • Synthetic data


  • Extended reality (AR/VR)
  • Digital twins
  • Metaverse/Web 3.0


  • Innovation positioning
  • Differentiation
  • Buyer qualification


  • Explainable AI
  • ML-Ops
  • Generative AI


  • Mobility
  • Operator Interface/HMI
  • Social Robotics


  • Chatbots
  • Process/RPA
  • Hyperautomation


  • Data Preprocessing
  • Collation and Migration
  • Multi-cloud Security


  • Context graph
  • Social graph
  • Content automation


  • Data privacy
  • Zero trust
  • Cultural concerns


  • Responsible AI
  • Data bias prevention
  • Transparency/Accountability


  • Product prioritisation
  • Design operations
  • Additive manufacturing


  • Earth observation
  • Circular economy
  • Space colonisation


  • Policy alignment
  • AI/Data regulations
  • Digital governance


  • Opinion mining
  • Natural language processing 
  • Behavioural analytics


  • Experience mapping
  • Mobile-first
  • Service blueprints


  • Bioinformatics
  • Digital health
  • Sport performance


  • Knowledge extraction
  • Large language models
  • Augmented analytics

Our Solutions Help You Break Boundaries of Traditional Industries.

Our Augmented Intelligence frameworks are uniquely positioned to serve all markets unexploited by legacy digital services through a single platform by identifying common data “denominators” across sectors.

Nebuli's Solutions Break Boundaries of Traditional Industries.

Each circle depicts an ecosystem targeted and built through Nebuli’s Datastack® framework within the boundaries of a given industry. The size of each circle represents the revenue level generated as the size of the data involved grows. Note how ecosystems can emerge and grow beyond the boundaries of their sectors, converging with other emerging ecosystems. Thus, potentially unearthing new markets and business opportunities (in the “Undiscovered Zone”) both for Nebuli and customers.