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Welcome to the era of Human-centric Robotic Companionship


Let Nano be your highly skilful and helpful chat companion, professional co-worker, business representative, research assistant, and source of creative inspiration.


Using Nebuli’s Deep Vertical Understanding Embeddings – DeepVUE, you can scale Nano across multiple disciplines and teams into a powerful, enterprise-level knowledge discovery platform.

We built Nano on Nebuli’s Human-centric Augmented Intelligence models, where responsible and ethical AI deployments are the smartest and most secure.

Nebuli's Nanobot Chat – The Human-centric Robot Companion.


Nano is trained on your data to build your team’s dedicated and personalised AI models without sharing your private datasets outside your organisation.

Nebuli's AIQ Large Language Model (LLM) Prompt Engineering Example Chart.


Nano leverages Nebuli’s safety standards through its Datastack data security and privacy protocols, human-in-the-loop models, and explainable AI.

Nebuli focuses on data quality and explainability over quantity.


Nano is powered by our DeepVUE’s knowledge-based composite AI framework, integrated with your datasets to enhance your user-facing services, such as smart document search, composition tools for content generation, tutoring chatbots, marketing automation, robotic sales workforce, industry insights, and much more.

Nebuli Human Centric Augmented Intelligence Algorithms - Innovation with Inspiration.


Nano is integrated with our AIQ collection of cited and responsible large language models and is specifically designed to act as your safety layer for your enterprise-level generative AI applications and minimise hallucinations and other errors in your deployed AI models.

Nebuli’s Core Augmented Working Memory Model.


We designed Nano to be compliant with a wide range of industry regulations and standards. We work closely with your teams to ensure our Augmented Intelligence solutions meet your legal and compliance needs.

Nebuli's People-first philosophy – Understanding people is what drives digital success, not technology.

Ready to Serve Teams & Enterprises

Use Nano to turn your existing applications and systems into smart robotic co-workers, powered by Nebuli’s comprehensive Human-centric Augmented Intelligence frameworks and R&D support services.

Nebuli's Nanobot Data Precision and Explainability, powered by AIQ LLM.

With Nano enterprise offering, you can deploy powerful and impactful human-machine interactions and knowledge discovery applications in highly specialist verticals across departments and markets.

DeepVUE (Deep Vertical Understanding Embeddings) - Nebuli's context-based composite AI and knowledge embedding framework.

Nano can be further customised around your vertical expertise through DeepVUE’s knowledge embedding, combined with our expertise in emerging consumer trends and evolving human habits, Human-in-the-loop AI, and specialist and fully cited large language models.

Empowering User Interactions with Intelligent and Responsible Models

We know how today’s customer journeys have become more complex and unpredictable, demanding better vertical understanding and personalisation.

Using Nebuli’s Deep Vertical Understanding Embeddings (DeepVUE) framework, you can scale Nano across multiple teams and disciplines into a powerful, enterprise-level knowledge discovery platform.

Nebuli's Nano supports complex and unpredictable customer journeys, offering better vertical understanding and personalisation.

Protecting Your Sensitive Data within Your Enterprise Generative AI Applications and Workflows

Nano is trained on your data to build your team’s dedicated and personalised AI models without sharing your private datasets outside your organisation.

Through Nebuli’s AIQ language models, we help you set standards that ensure your AI-powered systems are fair, transparent, explainable and aligned with the growing consumer and business demands for digital ethics and responsible AI.

Nano enterprise is trained on client data to build your team’s dedicated and personalised AI models without sharing your private datasets outside your organisation.

Key Benefits of Nano for Users, Teams & Enterprises

Content Automation

Nano supports complex editorial workflows as your robotic co-editor, helping teams with drafting, production and review.

Cited Generative AI

Nano enables specialist generative AI services built on our DeepVUE knowledge embedding framework and powered by AIQ’s suite of specialist and cited large language models.

Hyper Personalisation

With Nano, brands can build highly targeted experiences through contextual data modeling.

Enhanced Decisions

Powered by AIQ’s large language models, Nano provides access to advanced NLP and NLU tasks, such as sentiment analysis, vertical text generation, and market segmentation.

Save Time

Nano is powered by AIQ’s digital content provenance and vertical understanding, saving teams time and costs on industry research.

Easily Accessible

Nano integrates within your current UI/UX via Nebuli API gateways, with minimal development work or expensive staff training.

Explainable AI

Nano’s contextual model offers unique insights and recommendations with reasoning and transparency.

Responsible AI

Prioritising data privacy and technological commitment toward ethical and trustworthy alignment with personal and cultural concerns.


Nano supports adaptive designs of the decision environment to influence the behaviour of groups or individuals.

Enhanced Search

Nano enhances your internal smart search tools with highly complex search algorithms that are language and keyword-independent, supported by AIQ’s large language models.

Vertical NLP

Nano helps organisations enhance their vertical NLP applications, such as virtual assistants and chatbots, that offer more specialist responses to users.

Industry Agnostic

Through DeepVUE’s verticalisation of its large language models, Nano supports a wide range of sectors and cross-departmental collaborations.


Is Nano secure with my personal or enterprise data?

Yes, Nano is powered by our Datastack framework, which uses industry-standard best practices for data, processing, handling and retention. Please see our Privacy Policy and Safety Standards for more details.

All public and commercial deployments of our solutions are covered by Nebuli’s Charter, which you can view here.

Is Nano child-safe?

At Nebuli, we take concerns regarding children’s safety online, particularly with generative AI, very seriously. We also believe that everyone, regardless of age, should be able to have access to helpful and friendly AI-powered companions like Nano. However, we do recommend that children under the age of 13 use our platform with adult supervision.

Why Augmented Intelligence instead of AI?

AI refers to the ability of machines to learn, reason, and perform tasks that typically require human intelligence. Generally, AI systems mimic how humans think, act and interact.

Augmented Intelligence, on the other hand, is a technology model that combines human intelligence and reasoning with machine intelligence (we describe it as “human learning with machine learning”) to enhance and augment human decision-making, creativity and productivity rather than replace it.

Augmented Intelligence allows businesses to make more informed decisions. By combining the power of human intelligence and AI, businesses can gain insights into their data that they would not be able to see otherwise.

Which industries to you serve?

We are industry agnostic, as our technology and service models can be applied across sectors. We work with clients in a wide range of industries to help them achieve their digital transformation and data intelligence goals.

Do we need expertise in AI or our own data scientists to work with you?

Not at all! Our team of experts will guide you throughout the process. Also, through ClientLab Innovation-as-a-Service, we augment your team with our dedicated data scientists to support your AI and digital transformation journey. Think of us as your extended team or your own R&D lab.

Why is Nebuli fully self-funded?

Nebuli was founded by veteran technology entrepreneurs who financed the company, allowing it to remain truly independent and free from external pressures, agendas or affiliations. This independence allows us to provide our customers and communities unbiased and objective advice and solutions.

We also prioritise responsible models throughout our AI deployments, which sets us apart from firms that may prioritise speed and profitability over ethics. For customers, this is our guarantee that we never cut corners, are transparent about our technology models and how they work, and prioritise user privacy and data protection.

Do you support public cloud services?

Yes. We currently support Azure, AWS, Google Cloud, IBM Cloud and Oracle Cloud.