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Let’s Achieve Your Ultimate Goals.

Transform your business and innovation journey with Nebuli’s human-centric augmented intelligence ecosystem.

Specialist Knowledge & Language Models

AIQ LLMs focus specifically on vertical knowledge built on our Deep Vertical Understanding Embeddings (DeepVUE) framework. With the DeepVUE framework, we trained AIQ’s models using Deep Reinforcement Learning from Human Feedback (DRLHF) methodology but with a focus on specific vertical and societal parameters.

Custom Models

The advantage of building your own smaller models powered by AIQ is that they are trained on more verticalised (sector-focused) NLP/NLU models and are better for retraining and deployment for your specific services or product use cases.


Language model training on predefined corpus, model fine-tuning on customer datasets, basic evaluation.


AIQ-L1 + More advanced fine-tuning, development of domain-specific language models, valuation on multiple metrics, technical documentation.


AIQ-L2 + Model deployment, model maintenance, performance monitoring, customized training data collection.

Nano Enterprise (optional)

Your Expert Robotic Co-worker with a dedicated API gateway for service access and delivery, federated learning and explainable AI.


Fine Tuning Multiple Models

Fine-tuning improves the accuracy of your prompts, allowing you to achieve better results on a wide range of tasks and build high-performing applications on top of your chosen large language models in addition to AIQ.

  • Define and experiment with the best prompts and parameters for your existing in-house models and third-party models (such as GPT).
  • Apply our DeepVUE and AIQ scoring tools to unlock actionable insights on improving the validity of your models.
  • Define best practices that enhance performance, reduce latency and lower costs.

Fine tuning of pre-trained models, with limited data preprocessing and model selection.


Fine tuning pre-trained with data preprocessing and model selection based on client-specific requirements.


Fine tuning pre-trained models with extensive data preprocessing, model selection, and hyperparameter tuning.

Nano Enterprise (optional)

Your Expert Robotic Co-worker with a dedicated API gateway for service access and delivery, federated learning and explainable AI.

Nebuli's AIQ Large Language Model (LLM) Vertical Prompt Engineering and scoring.

Embedding Models

Use AIQ LLM domain-specific embeddings to build your specialist smart search, clustering/segmentation, topic modelling, advanced recommendations, anomaly detection diversity measurement and classification functionality.

  • Improved NLP/NLU accuracy and computer vision tasks by capturing more nuanced and complex relationships between words, phrases, and images.
  • Enhanced customer experiences through hyper-personalisation.
  • Improved data utilisation of large text and image data, allowing your teams to extract deeper insights and value from your data assets.
  • Increased operational efficiency by automating document classification and sentiment analysis, reducing time and costs.

Development of a single domain-specific embedding model using pre-existing training data, with limited customisation and optimisation.


Development of a single or multiple domain-specific embedding model(s) using custom training data, with additional customisation and optimisation.


Development of multiple domain-specific embedding models using custom training data and advanced optimisation techniques, such as transfer learning, with additional customisation and optimisation.

Nano Enterprise (optional)

Your Expert Robotic Co-worker with a dedicated API gateway for service access and delivery, federated learning and explainable AI.

Nebuli's sample API call to easily load advanced data visualisation tools within applications through Nanobot, backed by AIQ LLMs.

Composite AI & Knowledge Discovery Services

Through our Datastack and DeepVUE frameworks, we combine multiple AI services powered by contextual intelligence, vertical understanding, responsible AI models, federated learning, Human-in-the-loop AI, and AIQ cited language models to advance human-machine interactions.

Nano Enterprise ServiceDescription
Content Automation
  • Custom-built language model trained on your proprietary data.
  • AI-powered content generation and optimisation.
  • Integration with your existing CMS, such as WordPress.
Smart Contextual Search
  • Integration with your proprietary datasets.
  • AI-powered query understanding and natural language processing.
  • Personalised results based on user behaviour.
Industry Insights
  • Custom-built language models trained on industry-specific datasets.
  • Augmented analytics and insights on industry trends and competitors.
  • Integration with your internal market intelligence data sources.
Marketing Automation
  • Custom-built language models trained on your proprietary customer data.
  • AI-powered campaign optimisation and targeting.
  • Integration with existing marketing automation tools.
  • Integration with your online data for personalised product or content recommendations.
  • Contextual recommendation engine with contextual NLP/NLU.
  • Real-time updates based on user behaviour.
Conversational UI/UX
  • Custom-built chatbot or virtual assistant trained on your user/employee datasets.
  • Powered by verticalised NLP/NLU.
  • Integration with existing customer service channels.

Advisory and R&D

ClientLab helps teams, decision-makers, and organisations across several markets de-risk their investments in emerging technologies.

Through ClientLab, we provide specialist staff augmentation supported by our panel of scientists, marketing experts, designers, engineers and mathematicians to extend specific expertise gaps for teams and departments.

ClientLab Starter

We explore your team’s pain points from a human perspective first, not technology first, by focusing on the ultimate outcome for your business through your data workflows.

Data Strategy

Data Readiness, Gap Analysis, Policy Audit, Data Ethics.

Innovation/R&D Strategy

Funding Opportunities, R&D Tax Credits, Specialist Panel of Experts.

Ethics/Regulatory Strategy
Examining ethical and trustworthy alignment with personal and cultural concerns.
Ideation/Concept Testing

Gamification, UI/UX, Process Mapping, Design Strategy.

Access to Free Resources

Free Starter Cloud Hosting.

ClientLab Starter Plus

In addition to Starter, we map out your existing data workflows and datasets to identify trends and propose areas where automation, analytics and AI can add value.

Data Mapping

Data Mining, Labelling, Data Analysis, Data Ethics.

UI/UX Blueprinting

Gamification, User Journey, Process Mapping, Design Strategy.

Cloud Hosting

Dedicated Cloud Hosting and Exclusive Partner Tools.

Behavioural Strategy

Nudging, Sentiment Analysis, Concept Testing, Hyper Personalisation.


ClientLab Unlimited

In addition to Starter Plus, you receive full access to Nebuli’s entire ecosystem and staff augmentation constructed around your Enterprise’s specific needs. This is your dedicated R&D lab.

Staff Augmentation

Your dedicated team of data scientists and domain experts.

Large Language Models

Including AIQ, specialist NLP/NLU and third-party LLMs, such as GPT.

Synthetic Data Construction

Verticalised synthetic data built to support your AI models.

Federated Learning and Bots

Powered by Nano’s contextual and explainable AI frameworks.

Data Lakes (Optional)

Your centralised repository for your large data models, such as LLMs.

We’re proudly an independent, employee-owned deep tech company run by a team with over 30 years of experience in AI and digital transformation.

We help customers realise their digital transformation and data intelligence efforts by creating breakthrough products and services that exceed expectations and change behaviours in entire verticals.

When you partner with us, you can trust that you’re working with experts who will guide you through the process objectively and without bias.

  • We believe in the freedom to explore and share new ideas.
  • We believe in the freedom to transfer technologies to our clients.
  • We believe in the freedom to invest in our team’s ambitions.


Why is Nebuli fully self-funded?

Nebuli was founded by veteran technology entrepreneurs who financed the company, allowing it to remain truly independent and free from external pressures, agendas or affiliations. This independence allows us to provide our customers and communities unbiased and objective advice and solutions.

We also prioritise responsible models throughout our AI deployments, which sets us apart from firms that may prioritise speed and profitability over ethics. For customers, this is our guarantee that we never cut corners, are transparent about our technology models and how they work, and prioritise user privacy and data protection.

Why Augmented Intelligence instead of AI?

AI refers to the ability of machines to learn, reason, and perform tasks that typically require human intelligence. Generally, AI systems mimic how humans think, act and interact.

Augmented Intelligence, on the other hand, is a technology model that combines human intelligence and reasoning with machine intelligence (we describe it as “human learning with machine learning”) to enhance and augment human decision-making, creativity and productivity rather than replace it.

Augmented Intelligence allows businesses to make more informed decisions. By combining the power of human intelligence and AI, businesses can gain insights into their data that they would not be able to see otherwise.

Which industries to you serve?

We are industry agnostic, as our technology and service models can be applied across sectors. We work with clients in a wide range of industries to help them achieve their digital transformation and data intelligence goals.

Do we need expertise in AI or our own data scientists to work with you?

Not at all! Our team of experts will guide you throughout the process. Also, through ClientLab Innovation-as-a-Service, we augment your team with our dedicated data scientists to support your AI and digital transformation journey. Think of us as your extended team or your own R&D lab.

Do you support public cloud services?

Yes. We currently support Azure, AWS, Google Cloud, IBM Cloud and Oracle Cloud.